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 Human beings have pursued the value of beauty from the past. Beauty, in this case, is not just a standard for ranking someone as one’s physical appearance or appeals. It implies a basic craving to achieve a healthy state both in physical and mental. When someone can express one's fresh vitality naturally, he or she is regarded as a beautiful person. That is to say, being healthy is being lively.

 It's difficult to break away from the standard of uniform aesthetic judgment that is prevalent in our society. We're doing things that help people focus on their beauty and develop this point. In our view, beauty means a state in which we can keep our healthy vital force. If you decide everything depending on others’ perspectives, you will forget values of your natural beauty. Then you cannot love yourself.

 How much do you love the one who is looking at you in the mirror? Helping you find your own beauty and love yourself, IMAGIST’S will always be with you.